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TE Molecular Ecology

At the intersection between ecology and molecular biology, I develop large-scale population-omics methods (genome, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome) to identify and investigate associations between TEs, phenotypic variation, and evolution.

‣ In particular, I am interested to study the contribution of TE to adaptive phenotypes, such as wing pigmentation in mimetic butterfliesNew evidence involves TEs in the emergence of the regulatory sequences crucial for adaptive wing patterns. With a functional CRISPR system and a wealth of public omics resources, Heliconius butterflies are models in the genetic basis of adaptation (Mullerian mimicry), thus well suited to investigate the overlooked impact of TEs.


‣ Another complex evolutionary process where the role of TE hasn't been investigated is endosymbiosis. The incorporation of collaborative bacterias within specialized organs of arthropods represents an evolutionary challenge for both host and endosymbiont. I have co-published this year the genome of the rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae. This agro-economic pest is a model to study the onset of endosymbiosis (prokaryotic partner living within host’s cells) harboring a massive TE content (> 70% genome) which transcription is modulated in absence of the endosymbiont.


2020 - Parisot N.*, Vargas-Chavez C.*, Goubert C.* and the Sitophilus oryzae genome consortium. The genome of the cereal pest Sitophilus oryzae: a transposable element haven. BioRxiv 2021.03.03.408021; doi:

2020 - Castro, M. R. J*., Goubert, C*., Carareto, C. M. A., Monteiro, F. A., & Vieira, C. (2020). Homology-free detection of transposable elements unveils their dynamics in three ecologically distinct Rhodnius species. Genes, 11(2).


2019 - Lerat, E.*, Goubert, C*., Guirao-Rico, S*., Merenciano, M., Dufour, A.-B., Vieira, C., & González, J. Population specific dynamics and selection patterns of transposable element insertions in European natural populations. Molecular Ecology.

2017 - Goubert, C., Henri, H., Minard, G., Valiente Moro, C., Mavingui, P., Vieira, C., & Boulesteix, M. High-throughput sequencing of transposable element insertions suggests adaptive evolution of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito towards temperate environments. Molecular Ecology, 26(15), 3968–3981.

*co-first author

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